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ASL Nonmanuals Database

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Compound Facial Expressions of Emotion Database

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Spatially-Smooth Mappings in NRSFmCode
Salient and Non-salient Fiducial Detection Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model Graphical Model Code
PCA based data alignment for MVPA PCA based MVPA code
Discriminant Features and Temporal Structure of Nonmanuals in American Sign Language Project website
Multiobjective Optimization for Model Selection in Kernel Methods in RegressionModel Selection code
Kernel Non-Rigid Structure from MotionKernel SFM code
Matrix Factorization with Missing Data, (Non-)Rigid Structure from MotionCSF code
Matrix Factorization with Missing Data, (Non-)Rigid Structure from MotionCSF2 code
Eye DetectorEye Detector code
AAM with Rotation Invariant KernelsAAM RIK code
Subclass Discriminant AnalysisSDA code
Selecting principal components in a two-stage LDA algorithmCorr LDA code
Bayes Optimality in Linear Discriminant AnalysisBayes Optimality Code
Pruning Noisy Bases in Discriminant AnalysisPruning Noisy Bases
Sparse Kernels for Bayes Optimal Discriminant AnalysisSparse Kernel Bayes Optimal DA code
Spherical-Homoscedastic Distributions Spherical_Homoscedastic_Distributions
Kernel Optimization in Discriminant Analysis Homoscedastic Criterion Code
Bayes Optimal Kernel Discriminant Analysis Kernel Bayes Accuracy Criterion Code
SVM in Face Recognition with OcclusionsSVM in Face Recongnition with Occlusions Code
Face Recognition with Occlusions in the Training and Testing SetsFace Recognition with Oclussions Code
Learning Deformable Shape ManifoldsDeformable Shape Detection Code
Automatic selection of eye tracking variables in visual categorization for adults and infants

GVS toolbox (previously CatEye Toolbox)

Face Recognition DemoFace Recognition Demo
Handshape and Motion Reconstruction DemoHandshape and Motion video
Structure From Motion with Missing Data DemoSFM_missing_data video
Precise and Detailed Face Detection Demosface_detection_video1
Precise and Detailed Face Detection Demosface_detection_video2